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Request for beta, and... [24 Nov 2010|09:02am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Hi.  Noticed this rare fandom community, and I thought since, hey, I have a fanfic in a rare fandom, and my beta reader vanished on me, I kind of need a new one. 

The fandom I'm writing for is a not-so-known rpg by Enix for the SNES called Mystic Ark.  (Enix is much better known for its Dragon Quest games.)  I have the fandom pitch over here, but honestly?  You don't really need to have played the game, or even know much of the plot beyond what I've detailed in the pitch, and...well, I'll let you any interested betas read that, as it explain better than what I can do here. 

This is a novelization, but since there's only a bare skeleton of what could have been something much more in the game, I've sat down and tried to expand the game and the plot and the characters as much as I could.  I'm still rather early in the story, but if anyone is interested in beta-reading, or really just offering help of any kind to improve my writing skills, I'll gladly take it. 

The master post for the fanfic can be found on my LJ, over here.  Thanks.

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Homecoming (Son of a Witch- Liir/Trism) [20 Jun 2008|09:47am]

Author: Bitterfig
Title: Homecoming
Fandom: Son Of A Witch
Pairing: Liir/Trism
Summary: Following the events of the novel Liir and Trism are reunited.
Beta Reader: Fedink
Word Count: 800
Rating: R
Warnings: Sexual content.
Author’s Note: Written for the porn_battle prompt “Son Of A Witch, Liir/Trism, homecoming.”

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Underworld: Eastern Promises Fic [09 Nov 2007|07:52pm]

Author: Bitterfig

Title: Underworld

Fandom: Eastern Promises

Pairing: Nikolai/Kirill

Summary: Set several hours after the conclusion of the film. Nikolai could control Kirill, but there was a price.

Beta Reader: Fedink

Word Count: 978

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Intoxication, manipulation, references to violence, sexual innuendo. Spoilers for the film.


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For You: Wizard of Oz Fic (Dorothy/Ozma) [26 May 2007|09:11am]


Author: Bitterfig

Title: For You

Fandom: L. Frank Baum’s Oz series

Pairing: Dorothy/Ozma

Summary: While no one in Oz has to age, Dorothy and Ozma find they have a reason to grow up.

Beta Reader: Nzomniac

Word Count: 1306

Rating: R

Warnings: Shoujo-ai/femslash. This is not graphic but if you have fond childhood memories of a chaste Dorothy and Ozma you might wish to avoid it.

Author's Note: Written for yuri_challenge using prompt: young “In this land where we can stay young forever, I want to grow up just a little, just for you.

For You

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Ghost World Fic [17 Jul 2006|01:41pm]


Title: Coleslaw Au Go-Go
Fandom: Ghost World
Character: Enid Coleslaw
Rating: PG
Author’s Notes: Set nine years after the movie.  Created for the lj community 100_women.  Prompt: 001: Beginnings
Word Count: 800    
Beta Reader: Nzomniac

100_Women Prompt Table




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mad world (donnie darko) rated r frank/donnie [14 Apr 2004|08:39pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

title: mad world
author: shannon
fandom: donnie darko
pairing: frank/donnie
rating: r
warnings: slash
disclaimer: pishaw, you know they're mine.

i'll find it before i revolve around the tips of their tonguesCollapse )

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sinking (slc punk!) rated r stevo/bobby [12 Apr 2004|06:37pm]

[ mood | amused ]

<--- newbie. hi, my name is shannon, and, yes. i've brought a present.

title: sinking
author: shannon
fandom: slc punk!
pairing: stevo/bobby
rating: r (just to be safe)
warnings: slash, necrophilia, bad words, etc.
disclaimer: hey, man, if i owned them, there would have been a lot more sex in the movie. and not hetero sex, either.

i would go out tonight but i haven't got a stitch to wearCollapse )

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"Art Imitates Life" (The Boondock Saints) R Connor/Murphy [26 Jun 2003|02:15am]

Title: Art Imitates Life
Author: Diane
Fandom: The Boondock Saints
Pairing: Connor/Murphy
Rating: R (language, violence)
Spoilers: I'm sure there's a few in there for the movie.
Warnings: Uh, as my friend Dave used to say incest is best. So yeah. Not your cuppa tea, I wouldn't read it.
Archive: Ask, and ye shall receive.
Summary: This is not the way it's supposed to end.
Disclaimer: I wish I came up with this movie. I'd be a cult god or something. Not mine.
Notes: 1) First Saints fic. Be kind. 2) Written for the contrelamontre kisses in unusual places challenge. Used about 40 minutes. 3) Cross posted to contrelamontre. 4) First time I've done one of these… 5) Anyone have a better title suggestion?

Art Imitates LifeCollapse )
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Okay - SLC Punk! - R - Stevo/Sandy, Bob/Trish, Stevo/Bob UST [17 Jun 2003|12:38am]

Thought I’d share an SLC Punk! fic after I begged for one.

Title: Okay
Author: Diane (endless_fever)
Fandom: SLC Punk!
Pairing: Stevo/Sandy, Bob/Trish, Stevo/Bob UST
Rating: Light R
Warnings: kind of pre-slash, but not exactly
Disclaimer: Not mine. Not sure exactly who’s but it’s not me.
Summary: It's wrong. He knows it.
Notes: Takes place during the movie, you need to have seen the movie to get it.

OkayCollapse )
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[16 Jun 2003|02:07am]

I have nothing to say that’s not in the userinfo, other than, join, post, and have fun.

Just thought I’d kick it off with a little begging for fic from any of the following: Empire Records, SLC Punk!, or LA Confidential. I’m on a kick for all three at the moment.
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